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The Tony Awards

The Travel Tonys
June 16, 2013
By , Celebrity Contributor

For theater geeks, last weekend was Superbowl Sunday – otherwise known as the Tony Awards. Galavante hit the red carpet to chat with nominees and other celebrities about their travel plans when they’re not performing eight shows a week. 

Danny Burstein (Tony nominee, Golden Boy): “I can’t wait to travel! We’re taking our kids on a cruise from London to Barcelona in August. Actually, we’ve never done anything like that and the boys have never been to Europe.” 

Valisia LeKae (Tony nominee, Motown: The Musical): “I want to go all over the world. I've never been to Paris, oddly enough, so I look forward to the day when I get to go. I hear it's such a beautiful place – a city filled with magic and love.” 

Judith Ivy (Tony nominee, The Heiress): “I’d like to go back to Italy, probably Tuscany, maybe Umbria. But a new place on my radar is New Zealand. I just keep reading about it and have never met anyone who did not like New Zealand. Maybe I’ll go there before Italy.” 

Gabriel Ebert (Tony winner, Matilda): “I’d like to travel to all sorts of places and I’d love to work in England. I’ve worked with a lot of English directors and I play many English characters, which I love. I have a real affinity for England and I guess I’m an anglophile. The Royal Shakespeare Company is producing Matilda and it would be a dream to work with them or someplace in London.” 

Charl Brown (Tony nominee, Motown: The Musical): “I wouldn’t mind performing in London on the West End so I think that’s my next stop. But as far as traveling, I really want to get to South America. I’ve toured other places, but South America is next on my list. I’d love to go to Buenos Aires and say ‘what’s new!’ and dance and taste the food.” 

Carolee Carmello (Tony nominee, Scandalous): “My minor in college was French and the times I’ve been in Paris, I fell in love with it. It’s the most beautiful city in the world. I love the back streets and little neighborhoods that aren’t so touristy. Of course, I like the Louvre and museums, but I really love the off-the-beaten-track places.” 

Steven Van Zandt (actor, and also guitarist for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, who is bringing The Rascals: Once Upon a Dream to Broadway): “Wow. I’ve been everywhere. I hope that the E Street Band goes more places. I’d like to see the band go to China and the Far East and even the Middle East. We never get there. But we’re going to South America for the very first time this year.” 

(Photos by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions)