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NYC Celebrity Hangout

Where the Cool Kids Hang
August 19, 2016

We’re going to make a confession; we weren’t exactly what you would call cool in high school.  The reality is we were the awkward freshmen who took classes with the upper classmen, and even gave a few teachers a run for their money.  We knew it was bad when we were taken off the curve in Biology class, because even the smart kids were getting C’s.  So it should be no surprise we were bullied, by those far above our station of popularity.   We didn’t know if we would survive high school, much less get a rarified glimpse at the cool kids clique.   

Fast forward 20 years later, and we are still the nerdy kids at heart, but it’s far more acceptable at this stage in life.  And the cliques - sorry high school – are so much cooler as an adult.  Enter Omar’s, which just may be the epitome of chic.  The space is divided in two; the main area where anyone can drop by, have a drink or dine in a very sexy, low-lit club-like room.  But behind the French doors and the stare of a bow-tied maîtres’ and glamazon hostess, is the private, members-only club of Omar’s. There’s a reason you want to flock to Omar’s; it’s not just hype.  First is the setting; think gold-leafed bookcases, Hermes leather and Parisian flea market chairs restored with black lacquer finishes.   The scene defines sexy. 

But this is not the typical place in NYC where are treated as a second class citizen.  The service is impeccable; once you make it through those doors, everyone is treated as a VIP.  On any given night, you’ll see Gjoni Artan, the man in charge, or Founder Omar Hernandez himself floating amongst the surreally beautiful guests.  Yes, that is Madonna with her backup dancer 20 something year old boyfriend, that is Miley Cyrus stopping by for a drink, and the more gorgeous in person Diane Kruger having a tete a tete in the corner.  The list goes on and on, from Harvey Weinstein, Kristen Stewart, Jake Gyllenhaal and many others.  We think Page Six just posts up on any given day to get their latest dish.  For us, we’ve finally found where the real cool kinds hang.