• Sunday, September 27, 2020

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The Celeb Restaurant in the Amalfi Coast
August 26, 2020
By , Founder

The island of Capri is a league all unto itself when it comes to celebrities, because Capri is where the party is at.  This restaurant is the epicenter of fun, where a certain triple-threat even gave an impromptu performance of “Let’s Get Loud”.  Summer 2021 – here you come.  And if you’re in the island of Capri, your first restaurant should be a big night out at Villa Verde.  

Villa Verde calls themselves a “secret garden” because you do feel like you’ve stumbled upon an unknown gem of a restaurant, which is through some winding paths and back alleys that are not on the main thoroughfares of the touristy Capri.  Insiders know that the real Capri town experience happens in the evenings, when the tourist boats have left and its those who are able to carry the premium costs of hotels or who are staying on their private yachts come out to play. The restaurant from the exterior looks unassuming enough, with a discreet door and ivy that you can blink if you miss it.  But follow the music, because it’s a party inside.  Exceptionally pretty waitstaff, even for Italian standards, and the definition of fun meets you the moment you step in.  And it’s not all for show either; the food is very good, actually great, where anything with black summer truffle and fresh pasta should at least be on the table to share, along with their signature tomatoes that yes, you can eat.  The raw fish salad is also a winner, as well as their fresh whole fish.  Just ask J Lo.  And A-Rod.  And Leo.  And Gwyneth.  And Jay-Z.  And Beyonce.  You get the picture.