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Celeb restaurants in LA

Celeb Spotting in LA
September 30, 2020
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Yes, there are some glamorous places to people watch in LA, and in normal times, hanging outside the Nice Guy late at night with the paps will guarantee you a sighting. But celebs — they really are just like us (but with movie deals, private jets and very attractive costars). These are the spots to get the best sightings, and they’re not what you think.

National Women’s Soccer League

What do a Desperate Housewife, Black Swan Ballerina and a 6-time US Open Champion have in common?  They now own the new soccer team coming to Los Angeles, informally known as Angel City, and sure to be the celeb-studded sighting with some of the most powerful women in sport and Hollywood as the primary investors. This may be the biggest news of the pandemic so far. 

Brentwood Farmer’s Market

Celebs – well, they eat, just like us. And apparently they eat healthy.  On any given day, you may be asking Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner and Alessandra Ambrosio to pass the peas, or the carrots, at the Brentwood Farmers market.  Whether or not you see a celeb though, this is where to stock up on your eats for some of the freshest ingredients, where we have been guilty of transporting avocados over state lines.  

Chateau Marmont

What was the private playground of the super famous that was essentially a den of debauchery for decades, where the likes of everyone from Jane Fonda to Lindsay Lohan even lived, may just become even more private.  Owner Andre Balazs may be converting the hotel into a private timeshare given the COVID times, but as of publish date, the hotel is open for business.  


For the Hollywood power players doing their deals, Craig’s is the spot.  The food is simple American, with dishes like burgers, pigs in a blanket, mac n’ cheese and  pasta and truffles – after all, you are in Hollywood.  But it’s a favorite of George Clooney’s, so just order whatever he’s having. 

Sunset Tower Hotel

Right in the heart of West Hollywood, the Sunset Tower Hotel has been the grand dame of hotels since it opened in 1929.  Today, you may see the likes of Kate Hudson, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston, who were all on hand to celebrate her big birthday.  On a normal day though, their pool is the place to chill over an avocado toast and cocktail.  The food is actually excellent at the restaurant.