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Morocco Vacation

Rock the Kasbah
January 21, 2014

Who: Sir Richard Branson

Where: Kasbah Tamadot, Morocco

The scoop: Richard Branson proves that money can, actually, buy taste. Very good taste – as evidenced by his game reserve in Kenya, extravagant island in the BVI, ski chalet in Verbier and exquisite Kasbah Tamadot in Morocco. The latter is a Galavante staff personal favorite. Located in the remote Atlas Mountains in Morocco, the 27 suites and 9 Berber tents (a highlight of the resort) give you the vantage point from which to explore the local villages – and a stunning view of the surrounding area. Or, you could stay poolside, schedule back-to-back spa appointments and dine on lavish Berber feasts. The food and cooking classes are reason enough to visit.

But alas, that would mean you’d miss exploring this fascinating part of Morocco, which is packed with things to do. Upon checking in, you’re given an activity book that could easily take a month to get through. Luckily, for efficiency’s sake, the Kasbah handles all the logistics, so you just need to show up. Feeling adventurous? Take the Atlas Mountains by ATV. You’ll climb perilously high into the mountains, tear through ravines, check out barely inhabited villages and off-road for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Other excursions include lunch in a Berber village, located in a high and sparsely populated mountain location, to observe local life in its purest form. This is the type of place that triggers a bit of inner reflection, and puts that financial model you’re working on back home in perspective. And this, at least, is something that money can’t buy.