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Dublin Hotel Owned by Bono and The Edge

The Clarence Hotel: You Too, Can Party Like U2
September 25, 2019
By , Associate Editor

The property: The Clarence Hotel Dublin

Who: Celebrity-owned properties are exciting when they’re owned by just one celebrity: so if The Clarence is owned by Bono and The Edge, it’s twice as exciting. Two musicians, the lead vocalist and lead guitarist of U2 respectively, venture capitalists, philanthropists, and two generally all-around talented Irish businessmen. The hotel has existed since 1982, and bought by U2 in 1992.

Why: Located in the quaint Irish Wellington Quay with views of the River Liffey, The Clarence Hotel is Dublin’s signature rock ’n’ roll place to stay. With fifty rooms of various caliber to choose from, seven floors, and the popular location of the Temple Bar on East Essex Street, surrounded by restaurants, cafés, pubs, bars, live music, and tourist attractions, it’s safe to say that the party is both inside the hotel and all around it.

The Clarence also comes equipped with the famous Octagon Bar, a beautiful octagon-shaped dome room, which is an attraction in and of itself, as well as The Study and Cleaver East restaurants, a gym, and the rooftop from the “Beautiful Day” music video.