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Italian Star: Torrisi in NYC
September 13, 2013
By , NYC Contributor

At Torrisi, it feels good to be a star. The classic Italian restaurant rightfully deserves its Michelin star, of which they’re well aware. It’s a good idea to plead for a reservation a month in advance. You’ll be rewarded with a coveted seat at this tiny Nolita watt of energy. The dozen or so tables are set up for small parties, who feast their way through the multiple courses of the prix fixe Italian menu. Big groups need not apply.

The buzz: Kick off the meal with made-to-order mozzarella – “mozz” on the menu. The pasta sways per season, from eggplant and tomato to corn and coriander, but is always special, as is the grilled striped bass. Vegetarians score when the gnocchi in butter sauce is the main dish of the night, even garnering food envy from hard core carnivores. Wining and dining here will take you to nirvana, but that was chef Rich Torrisi’s plan all along.

Torrisi, 250 Mulberry St., torrisinyc.com, 212-965-0955

(Photos courtesy of Torrisi)