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Places to eat at the bar NYC

Union Square Cafe - Where Bigger is Better
March 1, 2018
By , Features Editor & Copy Editor

Why we like it:  Two words: Danny Meyer.  The man is a culinary genius with a golden track record of restaurants focused on simple American fare and comfort food.  The magic ingredient to his success?  The ingredients themselves, which are of the freshest and highest quality. None of the food tries too hard – you always know exactly what you’re eating. One of Meyer's original restaurants, and now over twenty years old, Union Square has firmly settled into its new space on 19th Street. Often, when restaurants expand and relocate it's their death knell, but Union Square is the exception. Now an improved duplexed space exuding confident American brasserie, we anticipate that it will be open for at least another twenty years. Although the energy is fun, casual, and lively, anticipate a gourmet Americana experience. We also appreciate that you can eat at the bar, so if you're a last-minute party of two who won’t mind waiting for a table over cocktails, Union Square is your go-to spot.

What to order: Like every true great restaurant, their menu is seasonal. It almost always features a crudo, though their latest, with melon, almond, and crispy quinoa, is a fluke. Their heirloom tomatoes and pasta dishes always shine – many of which, like the gnocchi, are fresh. Those of you looking to splurge should try the Pat La Frieda aged ribeye for around $160, or their more modestly priced but equally tasty cheeseburger.