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The Pierre Hotel Residences

Home Suite Home
July 8, 2014
By , Executive Editor

The Pierre, a New York Institution, boasts a permanent spot on the insider’s list of uptown hotels. A stay here, especially in one of the Grand Suites, is a luxurious escape from the grind of city life. It’s got the perks of renting an Italian villa (elegant rooms to spread out in, a full staff to cater to your every need, in-room spa treatments) except it’s right in your back yard. After a weekend here, you really couldn’t be blamed for wanting to stay longer. Heck, you might even fantasize about moving in. Well, we have good news – you can.

Reserve 30 days or more at the Pierre, and you can consider it home. If you go big and book a Grand Suite, you’ll get a Taj Attache butler; someone to tend to your everyday needs, like magically acquiring gluten-free snacks to satisfy late-night cravings, drawing your bath (seriously) or fetching you goodies from Barneys or Bergdorf. Really, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. What’s more, the concierge is always on hand to book you a last-minute table at Atera or toss you the keys to the hotel’s house Jag when a cab just won’t do. Not a bad place to call home.

(Photos courtesy of The Pierre, A Taj Hotel)