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Peruvian Restaurant in Brooklyn

Llama Inn: Peru off the L
January 7, 2019
By , Food Writer

Good for: Groups of friends or date night. The menu is made for sharing, so invite adventurous friends and sample as many of the artful small plates as you can. Or, invite a date for cocktails and small plates at the bar. It’s quiet enough to talk, and the cocktails are delicious.

Atmosphere: Cool and modern. It’s high-end Brooklyn: high concept, thoughtful details, and a casual vibe, while maintaining a fine dining sleekness. There’s also a striking textile installation by the Turkish artist Betil Dagdelen, who worked with indigenous peoples of the Andes to dye and spin llama wool into vibrant loops and knots.

Why we like it: Not only is the food an experience no foodie should miss, but the whole scene is uniquely Brooklyn—haute-cuisine, without the overused clichés of what fine dining should be, and even a little sexy.

What to order: For cocktails, get the Llama del Rey – it has pisco, so it’s a serious drink, but the flavor comes from the grilled pineapple and pink peppercorn, balancing the sweet fruit and alcohol with smooth, bitter notes.

The can’t-miss small plates are: the fluke ceviche with dashi broth, plantains and habanero, the pork belly with char siu, pickled chilis and spicy mayo, and the chicken thigh with fermented soy bean, aji verde, and a potato chip.


The appetizer that deserves a notable mention is the quinoa with banana, avocado, bacon, and cashews. The flavor sways between sweet and savory, and the textures range from the soft banana and avocado, to the grains and crunch of the cashews and quinoa.

If you’re with a big group, you must order the beef tenderloin stir fry with pickled chilis, avocado, rocoto crema, and chive crepes. It’s a version of the Peruvian stir-fry dish “lomo saltado,” and it’s addicting. The beef is tender and juicy, the French fries are salty and crisp (French fries are traditionally included in Peruvian stir-fry), and the pickled chilis pull the flavors of the meat above the rich avocado and crema.