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Luxury Restaurant in Meatpacking

Luxury Cars & Food: Intersect by Lexus
March 4, 2019
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief

Good for: Morning coffee meetings, a quiet lunch during the week in the Meatpacking, after-work drinks at the bar, and big group dinners to share the excellent dishes.

Atmosphere: Depending on the time of day, Intersect by Lexus is many things, to many people.

Why we like it: There are so few surprises in life, but a car company creating a space where we would want to eat is one of them. The interiors are stunning – if they never served a bite of food, we would still want to soak in the sleek atmosphere of Intersect by Lexus. Like Restoration Hardware around the corner, they’re selling you a Lexus without ringing one up for you at the register. Instead, the subliminal play is on selling you the lifestyle and feel of how people who drive a Lexus eat, drink, and socialize. We also love the concept of rotating chefs from places where we have a hard time getting a reservation, like Greg Marchand from Frenchie in Paris. Food presentation is art, and in fact, food preparation here is also art.


What to order: On our last visit, Frenchie was still in residence, and we went all out on the very generous portions. We started with the carrots, which were made vegan and gluten-free, but normally come with feta cheese (which could have been a meal in itself). The fluke presentation with the beets and quinoa tells you there is a serious artist in the kitchen, along with the baby leeks with parmesan sabayon sauce, which we could have eaten as a very large bowl of soup. And, The Halibut a la Grenobloise represented in every way why Frenchie in Paris is so special.