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Luxury Lebanese Restaurant in Midtown

yara: Something for Everyone
May 1, 2019
By , Associate Editor

Good for: Large groups, business meetings, family lunches and dinners. This is also the place to take your health-conscious friend – there’s something on the menu for everyone, including a plethora of vegan options, because you know, that’s the hot trend right now.

Atmosphere: Trendy enough to be cool, and casual enough to feel homey. The interior design is on point too, but this isn’t surprising: Yara was opened by a former Porshe executive, so the restaurant couldn’t be anything less than chic.

Why we like it: There’s something about the way that all the food is prepared in-house that blurs the line between the piquant-ness of fine dining with your grandmother’s home cooking – which combined, equals the food at Yara. A welcome addition to the Midtown locale, which always needs good spots to eat near work. In the Mediterranean food vertical, Yara is establishing itself as one of the best. It’s the kind of place you go with a large group and order everything on the menu. The menu has a vast selection of small plates (which are generously filled), of which you could get 4-6 between two people, and still manage to inhale it all. 

What to order: Mezze, mezze, and more mezze. Before even looking at the menu, get the hummus and taziki, and use both as dips for everything you eat throughout the night. Other than that, we recommend the falafel (beet or regular), the fried cauliflower, and the babaganoush. We also have a soft spot for moussaka – but if in most establishments it’s a heavy meal after which you’ll want to hibernate for a week, at Yara the moussaka is light, that you’ll want to order an entrée afterwards. And when it comes to entrees, we recommend the grilled kefta (lamb with onion and parsley), as well as the okra – both vegan and regular.