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Ice Cream Shops NYC

The Inside Scoop
June 24, 2014
By , Families Contributor

It’s hot. It’s humid. And they’re screaming… no, really. They’re screaming for ice cream. And who can blame them? To quell the most major of meltdowns (pun intended), head to one of the city’s best ice cream shops.

If a simple scoop won’t do, stop by Melt Bakery for a homemade ice cream sandwich (and kid-size mini ice cream sandwiches). Their ingredient and flavor combos change with the season, but look for the Lovelet (red velvet and cream cheese ice cream), the Elvis (peanut butter cookies and banana ice cream) and Cinnamax (snickerdoodles and cinnamon ice cream). Of course the Classic (chocolate chip walnut cookies and vanilla ice cream) will always be just that – a classic. And if it’s just too hot to leave home, they’ll offer delivery to your door.

If your kids have been really good, it might be time to mix up your brunch spots. Because at the retro Davey’s,you can order brunch ice cream, which brings brioche French toast, cinnamon maple syrup and coffee-glazed bacon into one decadent scoop.

Sprinkles brought NYC the most sought-after L.A. cupcakes, and then blew minds with the first-ever cupcake ATM. Now they’ve simply outdone themselves with their cupcake ice cream sandwich. Yes, it is as sinfully delicious as it sounds. And yes, there is a kid-size version. But honestly – no one has the discipline to order a kiddie size cupcake ice cream sandwich.

Don’t let unicorns in the window intimidate you. Big Gay Ice Cream’s soft serve is as good as it comes. Weekdays 2–5pm they offer a kiddie happy hour with $2 mini cones covered in rainbow sprinkles, of course. While there, splurge on a Salty Pimp or American Globs. If the names alone spark your interest, wait until you taste them.

If you’re looking to make a positive difference through dessert, indulge at Alphabet Scoop. This artisanal ice cream shop gives teenagers classroom instruction and mentoring partnerships while training and employing them with job and life skills. And the premium, homemade ice cream is really, really good.

(Photos courtesy of Melt Bakery and Sprinkles)