• Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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Cheese Churros – Yes, Please
September 23, 2020
By , Writer

Why it took someone so long to come up with cheese churros — or as there’s called, Gruyère fritters (which sounds pretty good too) — we don’t know, nor do we know how we lived without these in our lives.  Crown Shy, the restaurant helmed by guys who’ve run Eleven Madison and Del Posto, is back on in the Financial District.  And it’s good enough to come from the nether regions of the Upper West Side.  Unlike it’s pedigree, the atmosphere was less fine dining pre-COVID, and today in this new era, it’s a laid back spot to sit outside, or if you’re brave, take in the reduced capacity indoor dining.  Either way, they’re serving up, besides those Gruyère fritters, a pull-apart olive loaf with labneh, branzino with mole sauce, short ribs, and a sticky toffee pudding for two.