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Cipriani Soho

Going Old School - Cipriani Downtown
April 7, 2016

The Restaurant:  Cipriani Downtown

Why we like it:  We’ve recently revisited this grand dame of excess, and we like it.  I mean, we really like it.  Where for awhile we had forgone the staid Euro-scene of this Soho classic for the younger models on the market, it seems that all the cool kids have come back to the Soho outpost of Cipriani.  Maybe it was being at amFAR with Leo (DiCaprio) in the FiDi location that inspired us to check out the Soho outpost again, but whatever the reason, we’re glad we did.  The service, food and that scene of beautiful people is in tact, and it’s our go-to for brunch or when we want to have a star-studded night out in the city. 

What to order:  We like to stick to the classics.  Start with the avocado and artichoke salad, and then expertly move onto the baked taglioni with ham, and fall into its creamy concoction.  Neither of these dishes will change your life, but they are surprisingly solid.  From there, move onto the veal Milanese, and the risotto special.  You of course are traveling with entourage so opt for family style.  To finish, because it’s unacceptable not to have dessert here, get their famous vanilla meringue cake.  They’re not winning Michelin stars for the food, but combine it with the scene and it’s a night of NYC perfection.