• Saturday, December 5, 2020

best winter outdoor dining in nyc

Best Outdoor Dining in NYC - Spotlight on The Nomad Rooftop
October 28, 2020
By , Founder

We have to say, we are especially impressed with the hustle of NYC restaurants to fight to stay open. Besides having the need to get out and see the world — that is why we live in NYC, one of the greatest places on earth — this is the time to support local restaurants.  The weather outside is frightful, but inside this restaurant, it’s quite delightful.  Our pick this week for outdoor dining is The Nomad.  And even for The Nomad, The Rooftop is easily the most beautiful outdoor space in the city, which they’ve outfitted with chandeliers, Persian rugs and enough brocade and velvet to make you feel like you’re in some Lawrence of Arabia film.  But then you look out onto the Empire State building, in all its glory, and realize only in NYC, could a place like this exist.  

Food is what we expect and love about The Nomad.  They’ve stepped up the complimentary bread presentation by bringing fresh made ricotta and special grapes that they’ve done some sort of molecular number on so that the flavor is especially intense.  The star of the menu is the roast chicken for two with all the fixings, which came with French fries on the last visit.  Other notables were a new spaetzle dish with porcini and this season they are shaving truffles like it’s 2019.  Indoor dining opened this week too, for those who are back to business as usual.   The Rooftop is open until November 2nd, but we're hoping that they extend and bring it back due to popular demand.