• Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Best Vegetarian NYC

abcV - Where You Won't Forget to Eat Your Veggies
June 14, 2017

Why we like it:  We love Jean-Georges, so any restaurant that is part of his empire automatically goes to the top of the experience list.  But with that said, the expectations are extraordinarily high, as is the standard that each concept be unique from his existing portfolio in order to justify a new restaurant.  Sorry JG – it's the catch 22 that comes along with greatness.  Enter in abcV, his newest all-vegetarian restaurant.  Our prognosis on abcV?  Simply put, we loved it.  First, we dig the vintage cool grandma meets modern minimalist vibe of the restaurant.  Second, the food just may have the superpower to make you a better person.  Each creation is clean, vibrant and distinct.  There is not one dish that we tried on the entire menu that was a shrinking violet.  Open all day and night, good luck getting in on a weekend as reservations are near impossible, so come off-hours and schedule those power breakfasts during the week to avoid the long waits. 

What to order:  Anything and everything on the menu.  The best way to achieve this is by eating power in numbers, but with the ambiguous reservation system that can also work against you with a large group.  Otherwise, opt for the tasting menu, which has to be one of the best values for a 6 or so course degustation at around $40 per person.  The menu will change with seasonality, but on the last visit we loved the shallot labneh, which rivaled anything we’ve had in Lebanon, and the roasted beets with avocado puree.  Breakfast was also a winner in every category, where we’ll never look at avocado toast the same way and we wake up craving their gluten-free pancakes.