• Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Best vegetarian NYC

Nix - Vegetarian for The People
October 19, 2016

Why we like it: This is the vegetarian restaurant that doesn’t feel like a vegetarian restaurant.  In other words, the gym clothes wearing, green juice drinking crew is sparse to nowhere to be found at Nix.  Instead, the vibe is lively, trendy and cool, filled with boisterous conversation with those who have subsisted on much more than liquid diets. And if they are on liquid diets, it's the cocktail kind, which they serve lots of at Nix.  You don’t miss the meat or the fish at Nix; each dish is inventive and power packed with flavor. Reservations are a must (they recently got Michelin), and unfortunately there’s no takeout, so hit up Open Table ahead of time, make friends with the host team when you arrive and plan to become a repeat diner.  The food is that good. 


What to order:  This is a menu where there are few fails.  So order up.  The egg salad is a hearty way to start, set atop potato crispies and drizzled with a generous portion of habanero cream.  The Yukon fry bread is a must, where at brunch it’s topped with mushroom gravy and a sunny side up egg, or in the evening, it’s topped with a cucumber-like tzatziki, fresh radishes and scallion.  With mushrooms in season, their version of mushroom cacio e pepe makes you forget about needing any pasta. Though if there is a pasta on the menu, like the pea green dumplings, the answer should be, “I’ll take two please.”