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Best of Vegan Restaurants in NYC

Ladybird: The Cool Vegan
March 27, 2019
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief

Good for: Healthy girl’s dinners, third or fourth dates, and casual small groups who are up for a vegan meal. 

Atmosphere: If you were to characterize the décor, it’s proudly, unabashedly feminine, though with equal opportunity for everyone to enjoy a plant-based meal.  Ladybird is just pretty – from the moment you spy the discreet sign outside its East Village locale to the green and pink interior. We love it when a restaurant owns who they are, and Ladybird could not have been a more befitting name for the décor of the space.   

Why we like it: Vegan (or as is now trendily known: as a plant-based diet) has never been so gourmet. Also, most menu items can be made gluten-free. In the efforts to be more conscious about our planet and also for the health benefits, Ladybird is certainly one of the best vegan restaurants that does not sacrifice food for atmosphere. Here, you get it both. And they serve alcohol, because ‘healthy’ doesn’t mean you don’t want to live a little.


What to order:Ordering is a novelty as you check off items to share for the table and they appear in generously portioned courses. Order at least two of the Brussels sprouts with endive, apple and quinoa, and ditto for the fried avocado with wakame and ponzu. The loaded potatoes sound like they are hearty but somehow translate into a light dish, even though there is vegan cheese, cashew sour cream and trumpet mushroom potatoes. The only pass is the fondue (somehow, even the veggies didn’t set right) – but otherwise, if you have enough friends, a one of each on the menu should be in order.