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The Best Restaurant Opening in Times Square

The Times Square Edition: Never Say Never
September 2, 2019
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief

Good for: All Midtown meetings – breakfast, lunch, dinner and after-work drinks. It’s great for everything from first dates to anniversaries, work dinners and big groups. The restaurant is so good, we would even recommend coming here as a destination itself.

Atmosphere: High-design aesthetic with an easy flow of indoor to outdoor space that makes you feel like you’re in California at a Restoration Hardware photoshoot, as opposed to the fringe of Times Square and Midtown Manhattan. The outdoor space is an oasis of lush green, supremely chill and comfortable seating that makes you want to sit and hang for a few hours with friends.

Why we like it: Yes, we are fully recommending a restaurant in Times Square, which we never thought would happen in this lifetime. In spite of us having a major aversion to area, we love everything about the new Edition hotel, especially The Terrace. Chef John Fraser has created a formula of restaurants with a team that seems to genuinely enjoy what they do, and it shows through in the service. Servers speak passionately about wine and food, and in lieu of artificial formalities, treat you as if you are dining in a very adept host’s home. The environment is beautiful – chairs and sofas spread throughout are comfortable and there really aren’t any of the typical Times Square tourists – just work travelers and locals who have figured out how great this spot is. The food is excellent and at the standard of Chef Fraser’s other restaurants like Nix and The Loyal.

What to order: If they have the lobster pasta on special, order two. It’s seasonal though, so in its absence, we loved the Carrot Bolognese, which has so many complex ingredients that you don’t even miss the meat. Other standouts were the center-cut salmon, the equivalent to the chateaubriand of fish, which was cooked to medium rare perfection and served with uni hollandaise. If you’re going for snacks, they have a crab guacamole, but know that the servings are light – so make sure to order generously if you have a group.