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Best Italian Restaurants NYC

Via Carota: Not Your Pasta-And-Red-Sauce Italian
November 6, 2019
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief

Good for: Brunch, date nights and group dinners, any night of the week. Evenings are best for adults since it is always packed. 

Atmosphere: Lively West Village spot, where this is clearly everyone’s neighborhood Italian go-to. The vibe is casual and farmhouse rustic décor, where the dining room seems like an extension of someone’s kitchen. Like at grandma’s house, the food just keeps on coming out.

Why we like it: The menu is anything but your basic red sauce and meatballs. Via Carota serves dishes that are legit old-school-authentic Italian. Dishes like braised tripe and organic chicken livers, although most of us would not partake, give Via Carota a lot of street cred. But it’s not all so off-the-wall that it doesn’t have global appeal, as evidenced by the packed room night after night. 

What to order: The pappardelle with wild boar ragu is a must for meat-eaters. The risotto with lemon is also a more unique dish that you don’t find at other Italian joints. The fresh pastas always shine – tortelli with smoked ricotta elevates the usual stuffed pasta, and the raw artichoke salad with orange and mint is a go-to dish.