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Best of Italian Food in Manhattan

San Carlo Osteria Piemonte: Northern Italy in Central NYC
September 4, 2019
By , Associate Editor


Review by Matthew Lux

Good for: Brunch, lunch, or dinner in Piedmont, without having to leave New York.

Atmosphere: It’s a next-level neighborhood place, but with a lot more polish. It’s good enough for people to travel to from anywhere in the city. San Carlo is the kind of place where you can usually get reservations same-day, but it's always packed by primetime.

Why we like it: There’s authentic, and then there’s San Carlo Osteria Piemonte. The restaurant is run by Italian-born Riccardo Zebro, and his three Piedmontese partners. Everything in regards to wine, food, and culture of Nothern Italy’s Piedmont region is embodied in this 50-seat restaurant – and the food is excellent. The meats are all sourced only from grass-fed certified Piedmontese beef, and the Baralo and Barbaresco regionally-native wines can aptly be paired with every meal.

What to order: The pastas are near-orgasmic, and always worth getting either as an antipasto, a primi or a secondi. But the other dishes are must-haves too: they do a killer Cotoletta Milanese, which is often uninspired in NYC – but not here. Among other highlights is the Agnolotti Di Brasato (a homemade ravioli), and the Lasagnette Allo Zafferano Con Tonno Di Coniglio (which comes with poached pulled rabbit with lemon zest and rosemary). The Carbonara Di Mare, which is black squid ink spaghetti with seabass, octopus, egg yolk and crumbled “guanciale” also deserves a very honorable mention.