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Best Italian Cafes in NYC

Bar Pisellino: Your One-Stop-Italy-Shop in the West Village
August 14, 2019
By , Associate Editor

Good for: Groups, low-key date night and dining solo. It’s the go-to spot to drop in at any given time during the day to catch up over drinks or food.

Atmosphere: Bar Pisellino may be more Milanese than even Milan. The people are pretty, the atmosphere is quintessentially West-Village-lively, and it’s another homerun for award-winning chefs Rita Sodi and Jody Williams, in creating the authentic Italian experience and the neighborhood spot.

Why we like it: The owners took their favorite parts of Italy, and combined them into one Italian restaurant. Bar Pisellino is dedicated to the Italian art of drinking, serving some of the best wine and cocktails that a collection of Amari and Vermouth may have to offer. These, paired with the greatest hits of every part of Italy you might remember from your vacations to the land of food and drink, makes for a one-stop-shop of Italian culture in the Village. The authenticity is in the details.

What to order: We love the bicerin coffee with the bomboloni donuts. The prosciutto, served with breadsticks, should be a meal in and of itself, and the tramezzini (crustless finger sandwiches) are good for any time of day. But the cocktails deserve a separate mention. All drinks are by John Mullen (formerly of Maison Premiere), and include masterpieces such as a spumoni cocktail, the sgroppino, and a pistachio drink.