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Best of French Restaurants in New York

La Mercerie: A French Cafe You Can Take Home
June 26, 2019
By , Associate Editor

Good for:Work lunches, weekend brunch and casual dinners. Think of it as an all-day café, except with more gourmet food. It’s also an oasis to get away from the crowds on the outskirts of Soho, in one of its most charming parts.

Atmosphere:Comfortable, unassuming, yet stylishly elegant. Although the vibe mirrors a busy French café, it isn’t so bustling that it’s hectic. Quite the opposite actually; the atmosphere is one where you wish you could post up all day with a computer and coffee, but its tables are too coveted for that. Also, the restaurant is built alongside a Romans and Williams furniture store: a market of vintage vases, Swedish sheepskins, woven baskets, and French trinkets and knick-knacks for every season. In fact, every utensil, glass and plate you see in the restaurant is for sale, should you be so inclined to makeover your dishware.

Why we like it: It’s Marie-Aude Rose’s first U.S. restaurant – and although the Parisian chef is world-famous for her pastries and crepes, the whole menu is original, flavorful and savory.  It boils down to good food, good service and good atmosphere. We know it’s a go-to for daytime meals. 

What to order:The pastries are a must, where you will have some decisions to make amongst its large selection, including savory with ham and Comte, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, as well as custard and chocolate. All the egg dishes are must-haves too – the Buckwheat Crepe Complet filled with egg, Compte cheese, and ham, and the Oeuff Cocotte (baked egg with mushroom brioche) are highlights.


What to know: Get a reservation ahead of time or be prepared to wait– walk-ins usually only work until noon.