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Best French Restaurant NYC

Frenchette - A New Classic
June 15, 2018
By , Features Editor & Copy Editor

Why we like it: Frenchette is a prime example of execution being everything. Located in the former Cercle Rouge spot, which was a French restaurant that couldn’t keep a captive audience starved for a classic brasserie, Frenchette is here to stay. It sets the standard – even for Parisian restos. Its vibe is reminiscent of Paris in the 20s, with its sleek, minimalist wooden paneling, gold trim, and comfortable red booths.  

What to order:We’ve noticed the menu is continually evolving; every time we look it features something seasonally new, like the brandade with summer truffle, or zucchini blossoms. Thankfully, some of the classics, like gnocchi Parisienne and Rotisserie lobster, seem to have a permanent spot. Because who doesn’t like cheesy pasta with ham, and classic butter-roasted lobster? Other standouts include the brouillade with escargot, otherwise known as runny scrambled eggs with snails (delish by the way), and duck frites with skin that’s perfectly crispy on the outside and meat cooked medium rare. It’s tempting to order too many starters, but the côte de boeuf for two is so good it reminds you why you work so darned hard.