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Best French Food in NYC

The Ultimate French Restaurant: Le Pierre Lapin
March 1, 2019
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief

Good for: Date night, girl’s night, and large-group-of-friends night. Also, if you find yourself without a dinner reservation, or if you’re on European time for later dinners, there is a good chance you can walk in late for some good French home cooking. There’s almost always a good occasion for dinner at Le Pierre Lapin. 

Atmosphere: Intimate, convivial, cozy, and candle-lit in the West Village. If it feels a little like your grandmother’s living room decorated from a Parisian flea market, it’s because all of the dishes and interiors have been collected from those markets in France. It doesn’t’ get more French bistro than Le Pierre Lapin.   

Why we like it:  Where do we start? First, this restaurant hit a cord because this winter has been long. And cold. Coming into the restaurant, you’re hit with a cozy factor and a no-attitude welcome. It’s crowded, but not overly so – and their bar is a nice spot to start the evening over cocktails, before ordering a big bottle of red wine to match the French food for dinner. Second, is the presentation: the food is served on kitschy vintage plates, where somehow, the table setting flows while matching virtually nothing. The service is very good – maybe one of the only aspects that’s not entirely French and more NYC. Then, of course, there is the food. Very few restaurants serve dishes this authentic, where everything including the bread (very worth the gluten splurge), butter, and pates make you feel like you are in the French countryside. 


What to order:  The Salad Pierre highlights how fresh ingredients can shine. It’s a plain green salad, but it’s dressed with the perfect dressing and just a touch of parmesan cheese. If you are craving authentic French food, you are in for a treat, as all the staples from foie gras, coq au vin, and the poulet-for-two are standouts. They have the not-often-seen Pommes Aligot on the menu, which is an about two thirds cheese and a third potato rendition of traditional mashed potatoes. And on the thankful lighter side, the sea bass in a beurre blanc. It’s probably not a place to come if you’re on a cleanse, but it’s absolutely worth the splurge.