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Best Dining Experiences in NYC

Niche Niche: Your NYC Dinner Party
September 3, 2019
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief

Good for: Groups of friends and lively date nights. Only open for dinner.

Atmosphere: The music’s pumping when you walk in, you’re handed a glass of bubbly to commence the night, and you feel like you’re being hosted instead of eating out – because you are. Welcome to the new way of having a dinner party in New York City. And like at all good dinner parties, it’s about meeting new people, and engaging in lively conversation while eating and drinking great food and wine.

Why we like it: Because it’s pretty damned creative. This is not your run of the mill night out, and the energy vibe, along with the music, is cranked up high. The concept of Niche Niche is a “one-night residency wine-dinner” night, where luminaries of the wine world come in, and pick wines from start to finish, and the in-house kitchen team creates food to compliment the wine. There are no menus; you put yourself totally in the hands of the experts from start to finish. Dinner is reservation only – you can skip the food but you can’t (and won’t want to) skip the wines.