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West Hollywood Edition

A trip to Los Angeles is always a good idea. Los Angeles is the home to the entertainment industry, so it’s no surprise that along with that comes entertaining hot spots. West Hollywood is the center of where the LA cool effortlessly lounge by the pool. (Or so it seems). But if you’re looking for a more balanced stay in West Hollywood, this is the list of your soon-to-be favorite insider places to sip, sleep well, and seize the day. This guide to West Hollywood should be your bible to experience LA like a local. 

1 hotel west Hollywood

1 Hotel West Hollywood

Where to Sleep

If you’ve ever been to a 1 Hotel, you know the lush vegetation throughout the property is a signature part of the otherwise beige-bohemian ambiance. With that, the 1 Hotel West Hollywood is no different. It combines greenery, comfort and sustainability in a luxury hotel, in the heart of all the action. Not to take away from their earthy efforts (which are incredibly important), but they don’t skimp on comfort. FYI: you might have your best-sleep-ever in the hotel’s incredibly plush beds. The 1 is also the home of the LA equivalent of a power breakfast at 1 Kitchen. After, you can do some of that effortlessly lounging at the hotel’s pool deck, which overlooks the LA skyline. 

1 hotel West Hollywood

1 Hotel West Hollywood

What to Do

Maybe the most useful advice for this guide to West Hollywood is to stay in West Hollywood, or at least close to it. Ask any Angelino: traffic is one downside to experiencing the city of angels. Park your car or ditch the Ubers and, instead, see the city by bike—starting in West Hollywood. Bikes & Hikes offers a 2.5 hour (electric) bike-tour. With some pedaling, you’ll see the sites, pass through Beverly Hills and pick out the shops on Rodeo Drive that you’ll want to visit later. Embrace and soak in the California sunshine as you cruise down downtown West Hollywood.

Where to Eat and Drink

Food and drink is the foundation to the guide to West Hollywood. Issia is an upbeat (21+ only) vibe and a versatile menu of European dishes. Think pizza, pasta, branzino, lamb ribs, and more. Issima has indoor seating and outdoor tables by the pool. If the wallpaper is any indication, you’ll enjoy the fun and bougie atmosphere (alongside an order of boujis bread). 

Bravo T.V. fans unite at Tom Tom, Lisa Vanderpump’s spot for cocktails, wine, beer and dinner. And, anyone looking to spot a Kardashian-Jenner, Lizzo or George Clooney: head to Craig’s

Tom Tom Restaurant & Bar

Tom Tom Restaurant & Bar

Where to Workout

If you want to look local, your guide to West Hollywood will need to include a fitness regime. No, most of the beautiful people in West Hollywood aren’t that genetically blessed. In fact they work hard for it. There’s no denying that Los Angeles is a Mecca for fitness enthusiasts. And, in West Hollywood specifically, there’s group fitness classes all over. If you’re into HIIT, try Training Mate, a 45-minute circuit style HIIT class with an Australian twist.

Walking distance from 1 Hotel is Barry’s WeHo, the original studio that created a worldwide phenomenon. It offers traditional Run x Lift classes (25 minutes on the treadmill and 25 minutes of strength training), with curated playlists in a red room, and an outdoor class for strength training only. For Boxing, hit up (and hit at) Rumble. Want something a little more dance-cardio focused? AKT is your best bet.

Where to Relax

Beauty treatments are also key to a complete guide to West Hollywood. For professional skin treatments ranging from brightening to power peels: Dermalogica’s flagship in West Hollywood is where to be. You can see results in as little as 30 minutes (and as long as 60), depending on your unique needs. At FaceGym, you’ll get a “workout” to sculpt your face. You can add on hydration and radio frequency, if you so choose.

At Facile, see a specialist for lasers, dermaplaning and an array of facials. And, after giving yourself some much needed face-time, head to Joanna Vargas for a much needed massage and an LED treatment after all that activity and traveling.

Joanna Vargas Spa

Joanna Vargas Spa Room

How to Get There

Most major airlines fly to and from LAX, but one that recently caught our eye is Alaska Airlines. The LAX lounge includes a full bar featuring complimentary craft brews, West Coast wines and spirits and the option for a barista to make your coffee. First-class passengers who purchased prior to Nov. 18 (or with one flight having a distance of 2,100+ miles) have lounge access—but even if you’re not flying in first, you can purchase a day pass to pass the time. Soon, the airline will be adding new artwork by Southern California artists within the lounge. This way, before departure, you can hold onto an LA state-of-mind a little bit longer.

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