Best Celebrity Yachts

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

Beyonce and Jay Z

Where do celebrities go to escape prying eyes?  Yachts, of course. These luxurious vessels are the epitome of comfort and signify A-list celebrity status. There is no better evidence than Bennifer’s boat, which surpasses Arod’s by several hundred thousand dollars. The world is your oyster when you have a portable 5-star hotel at your fingertips. Here are three of the best celebrity yachts.

The Yacht that Bennifer Chartered

The Valerie

The Weekly Charter


The Overview

The Valerie is one of the most stylish and optimal celebrity yachts you’ll find. The yacht has nine cabins and ample interior space.

The upper deck has a 20 ft pool, a hot tub, and a plethora of sun loungers to choose from. A table for ten slightly hidden from view has a showcase of water fountains that light up after sunset.  Additionally, a helipad and driving range is also available on the deck.

The interiors are nothing short of spectacular, with rooms that are 7.5 ft tall with floor-to-ceiling windows and unobstructed views. The interior details also shine, with leather paneling and a leather-lined elevator that has inlays of real butterflies set in brass details. Of course, a gym and Hamman spa are also featured on the lower deck. At the end of the day, everyone can relax in the lounge around a baby grand piano.

The Yacht that Arod Chartered

The Ocean Paradise

The Weekly Charter


The Overview

The Ocean Paradise might have been the smaller yacht in a battle with the Valerie, but she can still hold her own. There are 6 cabins with a Zen Garden design influence., because the best celebrity yachts always have distinguished design features. The entertaining areas of this yacht are what make this one of the best. There’s a pool and a jacuzzi in the lounge areas. The yacht has a dance floor, bar, and indoor-outdoor gyms which were proven as the ideal setting for Arod. The boat comes fully equipped with jet skis, water skis, kayaks, and every board you can imagine. The beach club area sets a fun atmosphere, offering, ample space to relax by the water.

The interior has a modern, Asian-inspired aesthetic. Design details, such as a twisting central staircase illustrate the designers’ attention to detail and their unique vision. There’s also an enormous tub in the master suite with ocean views.

The Yacht that Beyonce Chartered


The Weekly Charter

$1.3M in the Summer, $1.5M in the Winter

The Overview

Bey and Jay are no strangers when it comes to yachts and Faith shows that they’ve made it to the top. The $200 Million yacht can accommodate 12 people and 26 crew members over 4 decks. The six cabins on the main deck are VIP suites, also known as double cabins, and are easily accessible by elevator. Now, the best celebrity yachts must accommodate everyone and Faith has enough space for Beyonce’s friends, kids, and nannies to indulge in luxury.

The boat takes no shortcuts when it comes to design and amenities. In fact, the details surpass all expectations. A 9 x 4 m pool has a glass bottom, and if that isn’t enough water, there is a fully-equipped beach club nearby. The other highlights include a helipad, outdoor fire pit, and cinema with a skylight for stargazing. Additionally, there’s a game–deck with all the sports you can imagine, and a sundeck with a gym for more intense workouts. Dining options include a wood-fired pizza oven, a beach barbecue setup, and a wine cellar with the perfect pairings.

Inside, the main draw is the wellness center which has a massage room, Hammam spa, and snow room. Guests will have no shortage of activities, and in the unlikely event they are not enjoying the water toys, they may wish to spend their whole day at the spa. But the highlight of the Faith yachting experience is the activities.

The design elements are refined, and Faith’s simple interiors are less extravagant than The Ocean Paradise yacht, but still equally well-appointed.

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