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John Curbishley

John Curbishley, Media Business Development
March 3, 2014

Why he's our Tastemaker: Besides the witty British accent which makes any recommendation he's provided us sound that much more authoritative, John has undisputably good taste. When we want the most bespoke recommendations of a destination – from the Isle de France in St. Barth's to Das Stue in Berlin to the Tremezzo in Lake Como – John knows his hotels, wine and good food.  

Countries Visited:  38

Business and Leisure Trips Annually:  15–20
Favorite Places:  Sydney, Zermatt and St. Barth's
Travel Philosophy:  Travel comfortably where possible, but not at the expense of experiencing the destination.  And be selective – you will never have time for everything, so pick a handful of sights to see well.  
My Ideal Vacation: Catch up with friends in London before heading over to the Swiss Alps for a week's skiing, punctuated by some mountain lunches.
Travel Tip:  Use a baggage-forwarding service to send bulky bags ahead in advance, so your skis are waiting for you when you arrive.