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What to Drink Now: Frederic Savart, Domaine Ott and Tesseron

What to Drink Jenn DeL'or

We’ve built you quite the interesting library of What to Drink, which we hope you’re taking to the outdoors this summer.  Our Tastemakers Jenn de L’or, Deshi Singh and Galavante Founder Christine Drinan share their favorties from France, because France is always a good idea.

Jenn d’Lor, Director Sales & Marketing at The Royal Champagne 

The Drink:  Frederic Savart Champagne

I’m French, so of course I love champagne, and even more so because I work at The Royal Champagne, an exquisite hotel in the countryside of the Champagne region.  I moved here with my family when we were pregnant with my first daughter, Mahe, from the Seychelles.  It’s very different from living on a private island, but it was coming home for me and my husband.  We live in a beautiful country home and we’re always exchanging champagne over the fence with our neighbors.  This one is special because we don’t import it; it’s only available in France, and of course when you stay with us at The Royal Champagne.

Deshi Singh, Entrepreneur

The Drink:  Domaine Ott

The South of France and Paris are some of my favorite places in the world, and I try to spend a few weeks to a month every year over the summer.  It’s a place that makes me happy, and I love that I’m able to share my Francophile passion with my sons.  I’m still holding out hope that we’ll be able to make it to Europe this September.  For summer, my go-to drink is rose, and in that vertical course Domaine Ott.  It’s a classic French rose and whether I’m at home in NYC or at our summer house, it gives me the good vibes of the South of France.

The Galavante House Drink – Founder Christine Drinan

The Drink: Tesseron Cognac

I’d love the Lot 29 or 53, but nowadays, it’s Lot 76 because we are in a pandemic and it’s probably not wise to splurge. No one should cry me a river though, because the Lot 76 for the price point of around $130 punches above its weight class. This is my go-to after-dinner drink because it has an easy finish and can substitute for dessert. I discovered Tesseron almost 15 years ago at my local wine shop, where they were actually sampling the cognac, including the Lot 53. At the time, you could get the Lot 29 for under $200, which I’m kicking myself for not making the investment in, as it retails upwards of $600 nowadays. The 29 is the only cognac to get 100 points from Robert Parker; it’s super-special.

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Two-Time Olympian Nik Berger
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What to Drink Now – The Fleur-tini, Whisky Highball and a Martini, Straight Up




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