What to Drink Now – Rose Champagne, Pina Coladas and Melka CJ 2016

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Liana Blat, Founder of Gooseneck Vineyards

The Drink:  Gooseneck Vineyards Brut Rosé

It’s summertime, and my fridge in Rhode Island is always stocked with our Gooseneck Vineyards Brut Rosé.  I am a fan of dry sparkling wines, but I must admit, these days I find myself indulging a glass of GV brut rose more often than usual. The pink graceful bubbles just lift me up any time of the day. The grapes (glera and pinot noir), grown on the banks of the Piave river (Italy), deliver truly inimitable flavors and fragrances. It’s a wine that showcases elegance and complexity, without the price point of a champagne.

When Gooseneck Vineyards was born over 8 years ago, we wanted to bottle the grateful, peaceful and happy moments we cherish while looking out on the ocean with a glass of wine. That’s what every bottle of Gooseneck Vineyards wine represents. Always true to its grape variety, our wines are guaranteed to enhance your every day. Brut rosé is a superb aperitif, plays well with appetizers, and marries nicely to white meats and veggies.

Emilie Brillon, Writer

The Drink:  The Pina Colada

I’m a mom of two young boys, so it’s not very often I have a chance to relax, especially now that we’re all working from home. So if I’m going to do a drink, it’s going to take me back to my college spring break days when my friends and I would go somewhere warm and sunny.  I know it’s old school, but especially over the summer, I think it’s fun to break out my blender and make pina coladas.  I just go for it and pick up the frozen Bacardi pina colada mix, because all you need to do is add rum and ice, and you’re good to go. Yes, you can go fancy but it’s a pina colada!  It’s meant to be fun, and even better if I can fit it in when the kids are napping on the weekend.  Almost as good as college spring break.

The Galavante House Drink – Founder Christine Drinan

The Drink: Melka CJ 2016

I used to travel to Napa every one to two years. Then, when my world travels took over, I lost touch with the region and didn’t make it back there again until five years later. By that point, Napa had evolved into a land of cult vineyards and winemakers who are crafting wines that can compete with the top French labels. It doesn’t hurt when your winemaker is French, like a number of the top producers in Napa nowadays. I had never heard of Philippe Melka, but that’s because I wasn’t in the know. He’s the rock star winemaker of Napa, except no drama, just vines. The moment I tasted his wines, I knew these were investment-grade, and while most bottles are relatively affordable and a value in the $100–$200 range, there will come a time when price points will elevate. I try to squirrel away some of the wine now, but it’s so good I just keep drinking it. I’ll have more of my Melka picks this next year, as their wines are spectacular across the board. CJ is named after Philippe and Cherie Melka’s children, Chloe and Jeremy, who are their pride and joy. This, to me, is California Cabernet Sauvignon highly influenced by the storied viticulture of France.

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