What to Drink Now – The Dry Issue

What to Drink Jeremy Jacobowitz

Your Very Best Quarantine Beverages

Hilary Sheinbaum, Galavante Contributor

We’re mixing it up on What to Drink and featuring some familiar faces, for our Wellness issue.  It’s always good to dry out or drink a little healthier from time to time.  Jeremy Jacobowitz of Brunch Boys, Kyle Cook of Summer House and of course, the house beverage by Galavante Founder Christine Drinan.

Jeremy Jacobowitz,  @brunchboys

I’m pretty much drinking a lot of the same stuff I did pre-this situation. I drink a lot of coffee. I start my morning everyday with Grady’s Cold Brew Concentrate. I don’t actually mix in water, I just pour it over ice and put a splash of Macadamia milk. Throughout the day, I’m drinking more coffee. For some reason, I’ve added one hot coffee a day to my routine too. I almost never drink hot coffee usually, except for when its absolutely freezing, but there is something nice and comforting about it.  Then, it’s a lot of seltzer! Usually a mix of what I can find: La Croix, Bubbly, and Topo Chico in heavy rotation!”

Kyle Cooke, Bravo TV Summer House cast member and CEO/Founder of Loverboy, a better-for-you adult beverage brand

Given the long work days associated with a startup, I gravitate to brands that keep my mind sharp and body feeling good, so I can maintain a healthy lifestyle even when working from home. I do bulletproof coffee in the morning with MCT oil and Vital Protein collagen powder and treat myself to a can of Rise nitro coffee in the afternoon. I also like brands such as Dirty Lemon & Lemon Perfect that use straightforward ingredients that keep me hydrated and refreshed.

I tend to drink my own canned products. We saw a need for low calorie, no sugar added alcohol beverages that also taste amazing, so we launched a line of sparkling hard teas as a premium alternative to mass produced hard seltzers. And since ready-to-drink cocktails are also trending, we canned our take on a low calorie Spritz. It’s like a craft cocktail to go but with zero added sugar, so you don’t have to feel guilty enjoying them.

At the end of the day, if I want to relax with a drink— I’ll either sip on our own Loverboy or pour a glass of Hampton Water from my friend Jesse Bonjiovi, which is a really great rosé that always reminds me of summer.”

The Galavante House Drink – Founder Christine Drinan

The Drink:  The Daily Green

Before the start of the pandemic, I was out five nights a week, socializing for work and with friends. I enjoy wine when I have friends to share it with and to express celebration.  Since March, because of everything happening in the world, I’ve made a point to limit myself to a glass of wine when I’m on a Zoom or when I have my Quaranteam over at my home.  I’ve also focused on fitness and health, as over the past three years, I’ve lost thirty pounds, and working on my last 6-8, which is happening this next few months.  I’m not stressing though; in fact I’m reducing my stress and giving myself a break to get a full night’s sleep.

My daily routine is to intermittent fast and then break the fast with  The Daily Green.  It’s my own concoction of 1 scoop Sakara Metabolism, 1 scoop of Wellco Vanilla Protein, 4 cups of spinach, 1 cup oat milk and 1 cup mixed berries.  I was never a shake person before, but now I’m hooked.  It keeps me going until about 4pm.

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