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Falling into Fashion
November 2, 2011
By , The Goods Fashion Contributor

Whether you’re living in New York or Atlanta, Paris or Munich, it’s time to put away the sleeveless dresses and strappy sandals for a something a little more substantial. If you’re jetsetting around the world or surviving a work week that has you going to the office, a board meeting, and cocktails, without a stop in between, then looking professional and polished is de riguer. And there’s nothing like the fall season to show off your favorite pieces, be they perennially cool outerwear like a cape, sky-high loafers, or a menswear suit with feminine details. 

This fall, designers were unanimous when it came to presenting grown-up, functional clothes with personality and punch. Minimalism is back, but in a refined and elegant way. Unlike the minimalism of the ‘90s, these clothes have a disciplined edginess, but are soulful, whimsical and romantic without a shred of irony.

We’ve put together a hit list of items that should be in every fashionable woman’s wardrobe. While some are on trend and define the season, others are investment pieces that will see you through several seasons.

  1. Outerwear layered and worn through the coldest months. This could be a tribal cashmere cape; a soft, draped shearling; or a fitted trench coat worn loose or belted, short or long.  And don’t shy away from color, metallic, or tactile. This is where you can really show your personality, while still staying in your comfort zone.
  2. The tuxedo jacket was shown by everyone, from YSL to Tory Burch. Wear it with jeans, dress pants, or as your new evening look. Keep it feminine, with beautiful shoes and an oversized clutch.
  3. Bootleg trousers and jeans worn with a wasp waist jacket or a cropped chunky knit. The super-fitted skinny is here to stay, because nothing looks better with a ballet flat or tucked into a boot. But, they also sure look great with a classic pump or slingback.
  4. The return of the knee-length skirt. If you don’t own one already, a pencil skirt will work with all your separates. If that’s already in your closet, go for a midi skirt or something avant-garde.
  5. Blouses with that soft, sexy ‘70s vibe. Soft bow, Peter Pan collar or pintucks are very current.
  6. Forties-style dresses for day in retro prints like fruit or flowers as shown on the Marc Jacobs runway.
  7. You can thank the eternally chic and stylish Kate Moss for putting Manolo Blahnik back on the radar. After several seasons of aggressive shoes, this classic has never looked newer. And don’t forget that no closet should be without a short bootie.
  8. Hosiery is also making a comeback – even sheers, thanks to another Kate from London, the Duchess of Cambridge. Sheer black and nude add a refinement that’s been missing in both day and evening wear.
  9. The extras – lace, baroque,  houndstooth, sheer, fur, and exotic skins can up the ante on all your wardrobe staples.