Dale Moss – A Bachelor Foodie in Paradise

Hilary Sheinbaum, Contributor

Dale Moss

Admit it. The Bachelor franchise is your secret obsession. So you know Dale Moss from season 16 of The Bachelorette. Since then, the ex-NFL player and model is still making his mark, off the field in food and travel. Whether judging a culinary arts fest in Saint-Martin (his favorite fall hang) or hopping on a plane to Sintra, this bachelor is going places.

Bachelor Nation fans swooned — and continue to, for what it’s worth — over alum Dale Moss. (We can understand why.) So, when we had the opportunity to chat with the South Dakota native and former football player, we wanted to know what destinations he’s lusting after. One of his new favorites is Saint-Martin, which is perfect because Dale Moss will be a celebrity judge this year at the Saint-Martin’s Gastronomy Festival (happening from November 11 to 22).

We didn’t ask him for any relationship advice. This interview is all about travel. And when it comes to global pursuits, Dale Moss has a hot tip. “Do what you can to make your departure and return as seamless and comfortable as possible,” he says. “It really does make the entire trip better. Also, a little planning and research goes a long way.”

With that, here’s where Dale Moss is planning to go next, the hotels he loves to stay in, and details about the most random trip he’s ever taken.

What are your fall travel plans? 

I feel like I’m always on the road somewhere. But the trip I’m most looking forward to this fall is heading to Saint-Martin. I almost hate telling people about it because it’s such a special place. But it gives you an authentic island experience with a very elevated culinary experience due to its French influence.

What are your favorite destinations to visit in the fall and why? 

Aside from Saint-Martin, I also spend a lot of time in South Florida — go figure! I will say though that fall in the Northeast is very special. And I’m planning to escape for a nice weekend in Nemacolin [Pennsylvania] to get out of New York City and experience some nature.

What’s on your bucket list that you haven’t been to yet and why?

I have not been to Greece or Italy yet. I was planning to go this spring while I was in Germany filming for my documentary. But unfortunately, I was unable to make it happen due to the production schedule. With that being said, they’re both definitely on the list for next year. 

Where do you like to stay most when you’re out of town?

I’ve always loved the Edition properties when I travel. They’re all over the globe, and the attention to detail is truly unbelievable. And they have everything you could want right on site.

What is the most spontaneous travel adventure you’ve been on? 

I randomly flew to Portugal three years ago after a friend suggested it a day earlier. It started out as kind of a dare. But when he saw I actually booked the ticket, he knew I was serious. I’m thankful I did it because it was one of the most amazing trips — and countries — I’ve ever been to. Not only did we experience Lisbon and Sintra, but we went along the entire coast for over a week and got a really good sense of the culture and people. 

We like the small stuff, too. Tell us about your favorite souvenir.

I have a custom scarf that was given to me by a sheik in Abu Dhabi when I was there for the Special Olympic World Games in 2019. It definitely has sentimental value. I am a global ambassador for the organization, and we were there for the largest humanitarian event in the world. It was all pretty surreal as it was the first time I’ve been to the UAE, which is unlike any other place I’ve ever experienced.

Are you a baggage checker, or carry-on only? 

Carry0-on. I like to move quickly. And typically when I travel, it’s for a specific purpose, or to relax. I feel if I keep my packing simple it eliminates some stress. If something is really needed, I can just find it when I land at my destination. 

What are your non-negotiables in your carry-on?

Face mist, a Theragun, a toothbrush, and a camera. And, while I like to keep it simple, I do have to have a ton of workout gear. 

What are your favorite travel Instagram accounts to follow?

The content and features on @beautifuldestinations is unreal. It also tries to have a positive impact beyond just showing amazing destinations. I also like @bucketlisters for the variety of events.

We know you haven’t settled down yet, but we have to ask: Do you have your heart set on a specific honeymoon destination?

Honestly, I haven’t even thought about it. There’s a lot of special places when you’re with the right person, and I feel the moment is more important than the scenery.

For more on Dale’s latest travels and projects, check out his Instagram at @dalemoss13.

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