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Naomi Watts’ Beauty Brand & Big Year

Hilary Sheinbaum, Contributor

Naomi Watts

In addition to being a well-known actress (King Kong, The Ring, The Watcher, and more), she has a newer title: co-founder. Yes, Naomi Watts’ beauty brand Stripes has arrived. As Chief Creative Officer, Naomi introduced a new menopausal wellness and beauty brand, Stripes, in partnership with Amyris. And ever since the launch of Naomi Watts’ beauty brand, Naomi has been creating and amplifying important conversations and opening dialog about the space.

Between working on Naomi Watts’ beauty brand Stripes, getting married to Billy Crudup in June, and traveling with her husband and her kids, Naomi has had a big year. So, when we caught up with the mom of two—and world explorer—she told us all about her favorite places to go and accessories she must bring on trips. Read on to learn more about Naomi Watts’ beauty brand, carry-ons, the most lux spa she’s ever been to, and the souvenir that’s in most rooms at home.

Hilary: When I heard about Naomi Watts’ beauty brand, I had to learn more. What products do you always travel with?

Naomi: I never leave home without The Power Move from Stripes for its deep hydration properties, it’s got the full package, 5 hyaluronic acids, as well as Ectoine and Squalene, also The Full Monty body oil is also a must due to its intoxicating scent. For skin protection, I rely on BeautyCounter Dew Skin as it offers a bit of SPF and makes my skin look dewy. I also adore Gucci Westman’s Glow Sticks for that perfect glow and Super Goop sunscreen for added protection. Lastly, I always carry a Charlotte Tilbury summer red lipstick for that pop of color.

Hilary: What are the non-negotiable items in your carry-on?

Naomi: My carry-on always includes sunglasses, pajamas—for overnight flights—a spare outfit, a light T-shirt, and a nice cashmere scarf because I always get cold on the plane. I’ve learned to be prepared after having my luggage go missing a few times. And of course, headphones are an absolute essential. I’m really into podcasts and can’t recommend Peter Attia’s enough, also Ezra Klein’s!

Hilary: Do you prefer checking in your baggage or carrying it on board?

Naomi: Carry-on is definitely my preference! If I’m traveling for more than two weeks, I’ll check a bag, but otherwise, I love the convenience of walking straight from the plane into a taxi. I once managed a whole month in Europe—for a wedding!—with just hand luggage.

Hilary: What’s a luxurious spa treatment or spa you’ve tried abroad?

Naomi: Le Spa Royal Mansour in Marrakech. I did a couple’s massage and hammam, and we had lunch by the pool after. Totally divine. Total luxury. Total splurge.

Hilary: Where’s your favorite travel destination?

Naomi: I recently took a trip to Mexico City and was totally taken in by its vibrancy. The food was out of this world, the museums were mind-blowing, and the local culture was really something else. You could feel the buzz of the city around every corner.

Hilary: What place is on your bucket list?

Naomi: I’m chomping at the bit to venture into South America, with Peru and Brazil circled, underlined, and adorned with flashing neon arrows on my map. My travel choices are driven by an insatiable love of food, nature, and people. But if we’re being completely honest, food takes the lead.

Hilary: Where are you traveling this summer?

Naomi: I’m traveling with Billy to London and Paris this summer. I’ve dubbed it: the “baguette and bangers” tour; two of my summer regulars. I’m especially excited to catch up with old friends and enjoy dinners in friends’ London gardens and walks along the Paris river (Seine). After Europe, it’s back home to spend time in Montauk with my kids.

Hilary: What are your favorite hotels?

Naomi: The Maker in Hudson Valley is a favorite for its coziness and chic atmosphere. In Paris, I love Pavillon de la Reine, a boutique hotel in the heart of the Marais, close to all my favorite places. And in Jaipur, I stayed at Rajvilas, an Oberoi Hotel—what an incredible place that was. I’m looking for any excuse to go back to India. Lastly, for Kenya, I love Campi ya Kanzi, a gorgeous, boutique eco-lodge.

Hilary: What are your most memorable experiences traveling as an actor?

Naomi: One of my most cherished experiences was working in Thailand for the film The Impossible. The project was deeply connected to the local tragedy and it felt incredibly important. It wasn’t just a job, but a way to honor the resilience and spirit of the people affected. This experience deeply touched me and my family, leaving a lasting impression that I carry with me always.

Hilary: What’s the most spontaneous travel adventure you’ve been on?

Naomi: Kenya with my kids! Planned it right off the heels of wrapping up a job. Did a safari at my friend Luca’s lodge, Campi ya Kanzi, and he took us on a trip to a local village school and my kids had a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I had been to Africa once before, but seeing it through their eyes was a whole new extraordinary experience, my son is in his element when he’s in nature. It was life-changing the first time I went, but going with them was life-changing all over again.

Hilary: Do you have a favorite souvenir?

Naomi: Every time I visit Morocco, I make it a point to buy a rug or two from the local souk. There’s a rug from Morocco in eyeshot from nearly every room in my house.

Hilary: Your travels are what goals are made of. Thank you for sharing. For our audience, check out Naomi Watts’ beauty brand here.


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