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Insalata de Nettuno
August 19, 2020

2 lbs, which is approximately 2 large King Crab legs
1 small bulb of fennel
1 ½ medium oranges
Microgreens for garnish
½ Meyer lemon
Olive oil
1 tablespoon juice of a Meyer lemon
Fleur du Sel


Defrost your King Crab on the counter top for about a 3 hours so that’s it’s the temperature ready to serve, or defrost in your refrigerator overnight.  Separate the leg part from the knuckle and the claw meat.  De-shell the knuckle claw meat and place in a non-metal bowl.  Squeeze the ½ Meyer lemon into the bowl on top of the meat, toss lightly and set aside.  

You want to keep the leg meat in tact as that’s the presentation meat on the salad.  With sharp scissors, cut the leg meat into 8 uniform squares.  Gently set aside on a plate and squeeze the remaining Meyer lemon on top.    

Break out your food processor for this next step, unless you’re Michelin-trained and can slice the fennel super thin.  That’s actually the secret to this salad, besides high-quality, fresh King Crab.  The fennel should be sliced so thin it’s transparent, as it will affect the taste of the salad.  Slice your fennel on that razor thin blade of the food processor, which will take you seconds when you have the right equipment.  In a bowl, add about Meyer lemon juice, ¼ cup olive oil and a dash of the Fleur du Sel, whisking as you add in the ingredients, exactly in this order, so that your dressing emulsifies properly.  Toss the fennel lightly in the dressing to coat and let sit about 10-15 minutes as the fennel softs and marinates in the olive oil.  

Meanwhile, supreme the oranges, which means cutting away all of the rind and the white parts, and cut into about ¼ inch round slices.  Set aside.

On 4 beautiful plates, place a mound of the fennel in the center of each plate.  Add in a mound of the King Crab knuckle and claw meat, and lay the orange slice on top.  Place some microgreens on top of the orange slice, then take two of the King Crab leg pieces cut into squares, and create a crisscross pattern.  Drizzle with olive oil and serve immediately.  

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