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Salvadorian Recipes

A Salvadorian Cocktail Party
By , Cooling Your Jets Contributor
April 13, 2011

The path less traveled, El Salvador can be brought right to your home with our Cooling Your Jets menu. The Salvadorians know how to throw a party, and our Latin menu inspires a lively cocktail affair.

The people of El Salvador subscribe to one of the most important culinary mantras: fresh ingredients produce an outstanding meal. Salvadorians start their day with a trip to one of the many open-air markets that dot the landscape. Here they’ll purchase fresh meat and dairy and sift through baskets of mangos, tomatoes and yucca. At home, corn tortillas blister on the griddle while a pot of rice and beans simmers over the flame, all to be consumed that very day.

With so much to choose from, Galavante has created a cocktail party menu featuring some of El Salvador’s most popular dishes. From ceviches and pupusas to flan and curtido, these dishes are intentionally simplistic. Salvadorians see no need to hide their fresh products amidst a long list of extras – another culinary mantra they happily uphold.

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