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Kusmi Tea

Kusmi: Our Cup of Detox Tea
By , Executive Editor
April 1, 2014

As you gear up for a 40-mile hike through Jordan or hardcore scuba cruise in Micronesia, it’s safe to assume that you’ve spent the last few months prepping your body for the upcoming physical exertion. After all, it’s a commitment. You’re up to six days of Core Fusion a week. You’ve laid off the whiskey cocktails. You’ve embarked on a largely vegan diet to shed extra pounds and increase mental clarity. Right? OK, so in the off-chance that this is actually not the case – if, say, you’ve made shamefully large servings of spaghetti bolognese a habit of late, all is not lost. But desperate times call for desperate measures. To help you smooth things over and get on track, we present our latest obsession: Kusmi Detox Tea.

As with most titillating affairs, our romance with Kusmi was kindled in Paris. We spent cozy mornings in bed with Prince Vladimir. We made Sweet Love in the afternoon, because we’re wild like that. We dabbled in Darjeeling N37 when we were feeling particularly exotic. We even found ourselves hanging onto Kusmi’s adorable tins when the tea itself was long gone. You know, standard relationship stuff. But the Kusmi Detox takes things to the next level. Its blend of mate, green tea and lemongrass gives you energy (helpful on adventure expeditions) while supporting detoxification and digestion. It gently discourages carb-related mistakes and rewards positive behavior with its light lemon flavor. Like any good union, it brings out the best version of you. You couldn’t ask for a better travel partner.



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