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It’s Summer - Upping the Grill Game
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May 27, 2020

Few things represent summer more than grilling out. It’s been a tradition for me to head to the Hamptons for the few weekends I’m home, which this year, is looking to be the majority of them as we ride out COVID. When you’re staying with friends, I think you should always bring a host gift. Wine is lovely, but to me is not a gift; it’s a baseline contribution, and you should always bring enough for you to drink and share with your hosts. Admittedly, I go overboard as a houseguest, but for everyone, a little something extra goes a long way to expressing your appreciation for someone feeding and hosting you all weekend.

Friends have been hermetically sealed inside their homes for the past few months, and they’re looking for some new influence on everyday meals. These host gifts will amp up their grills and summer BBQs, and they’ll become part of their cooking experience far after you’ve checked out of their casas. Almost a guarantee to a return invitation.

Himalayan Salt Block


What it is: A large block of pink salt, mined near the Himalayas, that you place right on your hot grill and cook everything from steak, salmon, shrimp and vegetables directly on top. The salt creates a unique flavor that’s more delicate and nuanced than you would expect. No, your food won’t be overpowered by salt, and you can serve directly from salt block to table.

Where to buy it: Williams Sonoma

Weber iGrill Mini


What it is: The one thing that can be challenging, whether doing a daytime BBQ or manning the grill at night, is making sure you don’t overcook your meat. Enter the iGrill Mini, a remote temperature gauge that lets you know via phone app when your meat is cooked to spec. No more being tied to the grill every single minute while your food cooks up, thus freeing you to relax and enjoy drinks with friends.

Where to buy it: Home Depot, Weber and Target

BBQ Dragon


What it is: For your inner pyromaniac, this tool lights up a charcoal grill in minutes. While that chimney is still a fun gadget, this gives you better control of the heat and expedites the process without lighter fluid. Also it’s pretty cool to watch — they don’t call it a dragon for nothing. You and your guests will get a lot of entertainment out of this one.

Where to buy it: BBQDragon.com

The Smoker Box


What it is: If you’re looking to streamline and not have a different grill gadget for each type of cooking you want to do this summer, the Smoker Box gets you there. This turns your gas grill into a smoker, getting that mesquite or whatever your chosen flavor into your meals by allowing you to cook on a traditional grill using very low heat.

Where to buy it: Williams Sonoma

The Grillbot


What it is: For most, cleanup isn’t the most fun job, and especially not the cleanup of a grill, which requires a lot of elbow grease. We think every house should have a Grillbot, an automatic grill cleaner that gets tough, stuck-on gunk off your grill. Just pop it inside a cooled off or slightly warm grill, close the lid and let it do its thing.

Where to buy it: Grillbot.com

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