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Robert De Niro-Owned Hotel in New York

The Greenwich Hotel: Almost As Cool As Robert De Niro
September 10, 2019
By , Associate Editor

The property: The Greenwich Hotel, NYC

Who: The Godfather – who also happens to be the Godfather of hospitality. Robert De Niro may be an Oscar winner and world-renowned actor, producer, and director, but he is also a restauranteur-extraordinaire, co-founder of high-end Japanese Nobu eateries (which are now spread over 25 worldwide locations), the man behind the Mediterranean Tribeca Grill, and Italian restaurant Locanda Verde, as well as the owner of many flawless hotel properties around the world. One such flawless property is The Greenwich Hotel in New York City.

Why: Besides the fact that this hotel is simply cool, (like Mr. De Niro himself) and located in Manhattan’s chic Tribeca neighborhood , it is also stocked with every amenity life in the Big Apple could conceivably entail. Each of the eighty-eight rooms are individually designed (no two are alike), completely decked out with the latest high tech, while still somehow maintaining the old-world charm. The hotel is stylish without being overly so, luxurious without sacrificing comfort, and spacious without sacrificing it’s prime Manhattan location.
What makes The Greenwich so special for tourists and especially locals who want to do a staycation, is its spa run by red flower and Japanese-inspired zen swimming pool.. The spa alone is worth a trip to the hotel.