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Best Celebrity Weddings of the Year

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

Margaret Qualley - Celeb Weddings

We’re of the view that everyone should be married, at least once, if even for the requisite gravy boat and, well, the party. But seriously, there is something profoundly special when two people commit to making a go of it in this beautiful thing called life. And 2023 did not disappoint. These are the celeb weddings that will inspire anyone to get married.

The Celeb Wedding: Chris Evans and Alba Baptista

The Destination: At their home in Cape Cod


The Massachusetts man returned to MA, both for his celeb wedding, and to go to his house, where the wedding was held. Multiple famous guests including John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Hemsworth were in attendance (and seen at the Boston restaurant, Contessa). But, they were reportedly forced to sign NDAs and turn in their phones. So, we don’t have much insight on what actually went down. This was a media-free wedding.

However, we imagine that the Cape Cod affair consisted of Atlantic beach views, Oyster towers, and a laid-back party. If a New England wedding is your cup of tea, then Chatham Bars Inn, or Wychmere Beach Club will do the trick. Both venues have the northeastern beach appeal, with historic and homely venue spaces.

The Celeb Wedding: Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge

The Destination: Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc, Antibes 


Some celebs play down their nuptials, and for others, a celeb wedding is the best excuse for an extravagant event. Daughter of Lionel, Sofia has probably never lived a dull day in her life, and her wedding proved she knows how to throw a party. The bride took over the hotel promenade for her aisle, which made her procession a whopping seven minutes long.

She also dawned three separate custom Chanel gowns over the course of the weekend, because celeb weddings must have ample photo opportunities. Her dresses got progressively shorter so that by the end she could move however she wanted. The couple ended the night with a club-themed party in which famous friends and family performed, and Sofia danced barefoot on the dance floor.

The Celeb Wedding: Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley

The Destination: Parker’s Garage, Long Beach Island, New Jersey


One of the most star-studded celeb weddings or events to grace LBI this summer was the wedding of Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley. In attendance was Taylor Swift, who drew a slightly inappropriate crowd of Swifties standing outside of the rehearsal dinner. But I guess Jack forgave her for, after all, they are best friends and work partners. Taylor also has a thing for the region, as she didn’t have to travel too far from her home in Rhode Island. Clearly, the East Coast is a big theme for 2023. Parker’s Garage, the venue, is a beachy saloon, with a nautical vibe highly characteristic of the vacation town.

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Q: Where did Chris Evans get married?

A: On the cape at his home.

Q: Of which of the celeb weddings that happened in New Jersey did Taylor Swift show up?

A: The wedding of Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley

Q: Which of the celeb weddings took place at a famous hotel?

A: Sofia Richie got married at Hotel du Cap.

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