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Kate Upton & Justin Verlander celebrity travel

What’s more important: winning the World Series or getting hitched? A star baseball player managed to do both, in the same weekend. He just had to miss his rehearsal dinner to clinch Game 7. Though his family didn’t mind. They were already in Italy at this famed resort, holding down the fort (or in this case, the 800-year-old Italian estate) until he and his bride arrived. Sometimes it’s best to stay calm and party on. This is a celebrity wedding for the books.

A Wedding in Tuscany

Imagine winning the World Series, hopping on a plane with Kate Upton, landing in Tuscany and marrying her at the Castiglion del Bosco. Justin Verlander may have done the impossible in the span of 24 hours. While we can’t give you the secret to becoming a world-class athlete and marrying a supermodel, we can let you in on the details. This is one of the most impressive celebrity weddings, and it topped off one of the most impressive sporting achievements.


The Venue

Though Kate and Justin weren’t at the venue from the beginning of the party, their parents and friends were. And they made sure to FaceTime the couple to show them around the lavish Castiglion del Bosco, which they rented out for the wedding festivities.

The 5,000-acre estate in the Tuscan hillside is one of the most perfect places for a wedding. Here’s why: It’s beautiful. Mastermind Massimo Ferragamo (son of Salvatore) transformed the 300-year-old village with a medieval church into a retreat of gorgeous villas. Then, Rosewood entered a few years back, so you have the perfect combination of style and luxury hotel experience.

The villas on the property, which easily house all the guests, have private pools and plush rooms made for relaxation. A golf course, spa and fitness center bring an updated feel to the place. And yet, the ages-old Italian charm comes through in cobblestone pathways, rustic pizzas and the glorious views.

It’s All About the Details

The combination of Rosewood and the style icon Ferragamos is a match made in heaven. The expert design of the Ferragamo family and the luxury touches characteristic of all Rosewood resorts have turned this countryside destination into a fusion of past and present. And Kate and Justin (aka “Uplander”) had a wedding that wasn’t just another hotel ballroom party. Theirs was a true celebration of love and place.

Castiglion del Bosco_Villa Alba External with pool

The events of the weekend took place in different locations around the grounds. Once the couple arrived, they competed in their very own Uplander Olympics on the green. Games consisted of cornhole and relay races and ended in a huge water balloon fight. Yes, take notes for your own celebrity wedding for a guaranteed a good time.

Light Up the Night

The couple had a glass-paneled greenhouse erected for their reception, and it was lined with twisting and climbing vine-like plants and flowers. For the afterparty, Kate arranged a huge fireworks display. She and Verlander wore beautiful tailor-made Valentino designs with lace details echoing the flora of the Italian gardens. Though Verlander missed his triumphant World Series parade in Houston, he got to partake in one of the most beautiful weddings ever. We doubt he has any regrets.

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