The Best Pies in NYC

There are so many reasons to love fall.  There’s the turning leaves.  The crisp cool weather, that call for a fashionable fall coat.  Then there’s pie.  Fall, and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, are the perfect excuse to get your pie high.  Pie for dessert is a treat.  Pie for breakfast – well, that’s even better. Here are the best pies in NYC for this pie season.

Four & Twenty Blackbirds

The Intel:

When Chefs from Le Bernardin opt to buy pie versus make it themselves, this is where they go.  So you know, this is one of the best pies in NYC.  Period.  Based in Brooklyn, Four & Twenty Blackbirds sells their confections out of the most charming storefront in Gowan’s.  This place even looks like it serves pie.  The key to their success is pie is their speciality, and all that’s on the menu.  Their pies are also enormous; a full slice is enough for Thanksgiving dinner.  Besides two types of apple pies – a streusel and a salted caramel, they have the famed matcha custard.  You can increase your Thanksgiving guest list this year, just to get the full sampling of the eight pies on the menu.

Note:  If you need their pies for Thanksgiving, the pre-orders are sold out.  Yes, seriously.  But they will sell a limited supply from November 22-24 at the Third Avenue location.  Yes, these pies are so good, they had a rush on them.

The Cost of Pie Greatness:  Around $44 depending on your selection

Epices Bakery

The Intel:

This unassuming location on the Upper West Side has been a bakery, at least for our lifetime.  Soutine was the longest run, for 30 years before it closed in 2012.  The past ten years, the space has renditions of the name Epices.  Pain d’Epices several times and now Epices.  We bet this place is here to stay, as long as they continue their winning formula, which is top quality baked goods.  We’re talking baked goods so good, you can smell it a block away.  Their blueberry pie is visually beautiful, with just enough filling that oozes through the lattice pie crust top.  As for how it tastes, this is the reason you could argue pie for breakfast, everyday.

Note:  What we especially love about Epices, is that it’s one of the best pies in NYC and it’s still on the down low.  Though on the weekends, word is getting out as there was a line out the door, for their baked confections.

The Cost of Pie Greatness:  A very reasonable $30-$34

Frenchette Thanksgiving 2021

Frenchette Bakery 

The Intel:

Some people, some places, can never do wrong.  Frenchette is on that short list.  The daytime offshoot of the modern classic Frenchette in Tribeca, the bakery reflects the mothership’s James Beard award.  As in for Best New Restaurant of the Year, back in 2019.  They’re keeping it classic for this Thanksgiving, with a pumpkin, apple and pecan.  For those serious about their stuffing, the bread selection is serious.

The Cost of Pie Greatness:  At $60, its the most expensive on our list.

Frenchette Bakery by Melanie Dunea


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