Not So Slow – A Hawaiian Poke Recipe

We have Hawaii on the brain, so we were inspired to make the unofficial state dish of poke.  Spam is another serious contender for this title, but out of principal, we cannot recommend ham out of a tin that can outlast multiple lifetimes. So, poke it is.  Granted poke in Hawaii has some advantages — it’s surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, which means you can literally eat fresh fish right off the boat. But we know you’ve got yourself a yellowtail guy, or you’ve made BFFs with your local fishmonger, so you’re ready for this poke recipe that is 100% guilt-free.

The best part about this poke recipe is how customizable it is.  You can go all traditional, which would include fresh Ahi or yellowfin tuna, macadamia nuts and minimal toppings, or you can piece together as many of your favorite add-ons as possible.  This poke bowl is in the center of those two options, though my personal favorite holds as many toppings that can fit in my bowl.  The point is, with the ingredients below, you can make this your own.  In order to give you the feel of a traditional Hawaiian Poke bowl, while also maintaining the option to add some of the classic recipes that can be ordered at a restaurant, here is our take on a classic poke recipe, with all the works.  

Let’s start off with the basics:

Two cups of rice
Sashimi grade Ahi Tuna
Sashimi grade Salmon (Trout is usually used for sushi)
Red onion

Now for the less traditional toppings: 

Seaweed salad
Pickled ginger

For the sauce:

Soy Sauce
Sweet Chilli Sauce 


The hardest part of making a Poke recipe bowl is really just committing to finding the best, super fresh fish.  When all else fails, head to your local Asian supermarket, like H-Mart, and grab some sashimi grade fish.  After that the rest will fall into place.  This is not baking; measurements are not too important as long as there is a base of rice and then smaller portions of all the other toppings.   Have faith – the flavors will balance out.  

Prepare the rice and lay it as the base in the bowl. Then cut the fish, onion, and mango into cubes.  After, slice up the scallions and the avocado; to achieve the fan look in our pictures, cut vertically but not at the base so the slices stay connected.  Then scoop out the insides and spread out the layers gently, placing them in the rice bowl.  Next add the seaweed salad, we got ours with sesame seeds added in, and roll some pieces pickled ginger into a rose shape.  

Instructions For the Sauce:

Mix one part soy sauce and one part sweet chili sauce.  The thickened texture of the sweet chili sauce will really blend well with the soy.  Traditional recipes usually just add the chili flakes, but I think the sweetness in the sauce adds another dimension to this version.  

Add as much of each ingredient as you want, the joy of poke is that you can have it any way you like and mess around with your choices.  If it’s your first time maybe do equal parts of everything, but either way, enjoy this different take on the classic poke recipe.  

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