Introducing The 195 – The Travel Show to Change the World

We’ve been through a lot together over the last nine years at Galavante, yet it seems that every path has led us to creating our own travel show — one that changes the world. Think of it as part Cribs, part Anthony Bourdain, part reality TV with celebrity guests, and 100% Galavante, with our focus on making a difference. We’ll make you dinner and then have you join us for filming so you can make a guest appearance on an episode. Get involved here. Let’s change the world together.

We’re changing the world, one country of all 195 countries at a time.  For our Friends & Family who would like to be part of what will be the best travel show on television, we’re offering the opportunity for the following:

Up to $1,000 – A huge, heartfelt thank you for being part of making The 195, which is going to change the world.  We’ll create a personal thank you to you, and also include you on our website for those who supported our show.  Any amount is going to make it possible for our writers, directors and producers.  $1,000 funds a day of a Director’s salary on location.

Up to $2,500 – Besides our forever gratitude and everything above, you’re in the big leagues – you’ll receive an IMDB credit.  This amount funds two days of our Director of Photography, as he captures the beauty of mentoring a future female President of Afghanistan, and our works around the world.

$5,000 – This gets you all of the above, plus a dinner at Founder Christine Drinan’s home in NYC.  This also goes towards funding the important editors who are going to take the unique footage we’re shooting around the world and make it something you will want to watch.

$10,000 – Our At Home With Galavante culinary team will make you dinner in the tri-state area at your home.  Yes, a Michelin-trained chef is going to make y our foodie dreams come true.  This amount pays for half an episode to be edited by a talented Editor, to bring The 195 closer to you.

$25,000 – All of the above, plus your name in lights as a contributing Producer of The 195.  This pays for our Executive Producer for a full episode, so he can make the magic happen to share the important stories of who we are helping around the world.

$50,000 – This gets you on set with us, in any of our episode destinations around the world.  You’ll have to pay for your own travel expenses, but you’ll get to be part of filming, experiencing a destination Galavante style, meeting heads of state, and an opportunity to be part of changing the world. This amount goes towards the directors and producers for one episode of The 195.

We’re not a non-profit, but your contribution makes an impact on NGOs, philanthropies and the mentoring of women around the world through the unique lens of The 195.  Whether you be part of our Friends & Family crowd fund, you send us an encouraging message or you tune in, we are so grateful for your support.  [email protected] to learn more.

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