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St. Barths is Always a Good Idea

St. Barths is Always a Good Idea-feature

If there wasn’t a tourist on St. Barths — just you, a luxurious hotel, never-ending beaches and the natural scenery — this isle would still be a good idea. In fact, it would be even better. Because during the summer, you get the authentic St. Barths, and a cooler, chiller crowd. And wouldn’t you know it — we have a hotel for that. Here’s where to stay in St. Barths for your perfect four days.

Major Love for the Grande Dames

We love the grand dame hotels in St. Barths, and Eden Rock will always have a special spot in our hearts. We consider them the Hall of Fame for hotels. Eden Rock epitomizes all that makes St. Barths renowned. Yes, it’s a luxury hotel, but a genuine warmth emanates from the team, and the staff is clearly happy to be there. That transcends to the best service in town. As for Jean-Georges’ cuisine either, we have three words. Crispy Rice Sushi. He may serve this signature dish in other parts of the world, but it’s tops on St. Barths. And in any place that has a villa called Rockstar, you know you’re going to have a good time.

Then of course there’s Cheval Blanc, which took over Isle de France a few years ago and restored it to true five-star status. But what if you want a relaxing long weekend at a place that won’t break the bank? We have four days for you on Nikki Beach’s beach at the Tropical. It’s where to stay in St. Barths for an easy-going weekend.

From the Founders of Bonito

One of the best spots for sunset is Bonito, which is always on the agenda for dinner in St. Barths. There’s a reason why Bonito has been around forever. The restaurant has a perfectly calibrated combination of service, setting, food, and vibe. Well, now, you have can get that unique joie de vivre whimsical experience with Bonito’s latest venture, the Tropical.

The Tropical is a chic, laid-back, 23-room hotel that’s right next to Nikki Beach. It’s the perfect place for those who aren’t planning to sit still. You want to experience the best beaches. Eat out at the best restaurants. Shop up a storm. But yet you want a hotel you can chill at when you want…with a good restaurant and bar scene. And when it’s time for bed, you want to crash out in a perfectly appointed room. And  you don’t want to spend like a drunken sailor. The Tropical is your ticket.

You. Four days away. A beach. Good food. Guaranteed fun.  We’re here to hook you up at [email protected].

Address: Les hauts de Saint Jean SAINT-BATHELEMY, 97133, St. Barthélemy

Phone: +590 590 27 55 67

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