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Mila Grgas, Writer


Maybe you’ve had a lot of rosé this summer already. And many a BBQ where you perhaps ingested the side dishes a little too happily. But it being summer and all, you need to be in your best shape: it’s bathing suit season. So a no-frills, mid-week getaway at one of the best wellness retreats in the U.S., Ranch Malibu, may just get you back in the best shape of your life.

The Day to Day

Even though it’s just an hour outside of LA, Ranch Malibu might feel closer to an ocean away. It’s probably because of the 200 acres of Santa Monica mountains that the place calls home. Then again, maybe it also has something do to with the limited wifi access and the no-photos policy. Once you (reluctantly) abandon your phone, Ranch Malibu’s schedule will keep you occupied. You can book either a seven-day or nine-day program, but after that, choices are few in that the rest of the stay follows the ranch’s “no options” philosophy. This means your days are packed with activity. Getting up at 5:30 every day is a must, and long mountain hikes are staples here. It’s not as ascetic as it sounds, though: no day is complete without the extensive mid-day nap.

The Stay and the Meals

Beyond the intensive routine, you still need somewhere to retreat and relax. The ranch has 16 rooms and 21 guest cottages. There are no TVs and the room is the only place where you’ll find wifi. This all promotes the idea of unplugging and revitalizing.

In one of the best wellness retreats in the US, it’s no surprise the food is healthy. The Ranch Malibu’s menu is plant-based but far from boring. Using classic dishes as a frame for getting in the nutrients, the chefs prepare a number of fan favorites. One of these is a spinach and zucchini lasagna with nut-based ricotta made in-house. The kitchen uses ingredients from local farms and the ranch’s own organic garden. If you wish, the kitchen staff will teach you to recreate some of these meals at home.

The Spa

When you stay at one of the best wellness retreats in the world, the whole resort is your spa. After a four-hour workout, it’s time for a massage. Waking up to daily yoga and daily workout classes in the gym is just a part of the routine. For swimmers, the Ranch Malibu also has a pool with a view of the mountains.


Bonus: Palazzo Giuggi in Italy

After one stay at The Ranch, guests may be itching for more cell phone-less relaxation in the mountains. Palazzo Fiuggi is a historic wellness site visited by popes and royalty. Up to 25 guests can have medical tests administered, such as an electrocardiogram and a blood analysis. The results can then be discussed and worked into the fitness routine at The Ranch.


Q: Does the wellness retreat offer shuttles to the airport?

A: Yes, there is return airport transfer to LAX on Saturday morning at 10 a.m. when guests stay from Sunday to Saturday.

Q: Where can one see the booking details?

A: Reservations & pricing are available on the website.

Q: Does the Ranch have a location on the East Coast of the U.S.?

A: There is a Hudson Valley location opening Summer 2023.

The Ranch Malibu Information

Address: 12220 Cotharin Rd, Malibu, CA 90265

Phone number:  3104578700


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