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Joelle Mentis, Writer

You know Hugh Jackman. He acts. He sings. He dances. He’s the ultimate triple threat. But did you know you can add hotelier to that list? And it’s not just any hotel. It’s one without booze. Just in time for your wellness January. So get ready to detox, eat well and embrace clean living — just like Hugh.  Hugh Jackman’s hotel may just get you in the best shape of your life.

The Details:

You might be tempted to book a stay at Gwinganna Wellness Retreat just because it’s Hugh Jackman’s hotel.  After all, there are the stunning views, beautiful accommodations and well, it’s Hugh Jackman’s hotel.  All of these factors, of course make it travel-worthy to the land down under.  Gwinganna though is no regular wellness retreat. Hugh Jackman’s hotel is an intense haven of health, fitness, and spiritual masters.

Your masters for the week will make it their aim to rid you of any of your less than optimal health habits. But we have to give it to them, the rigid rules work. And after intense deep water running classes, the top of the line spa treatments feel that much more incredible. We’re not sure what we expected from the remote and beautiful Hugh Jackman hotel, but it most definitely surpasses that.

Going Off-Grid

Arriving at the Gold Coast wellness giant makes a statement, from the moment you begin your journey.  You really feel off-grid, as you drive up a mountain on a loosely paved road. Once you’re there, it’s not relax and repeat.  It’s more get your butt moving and repeat.  The bravest are invited to do a morning jog uphill which is not for the faint of heart. Mornings at the retreat, if, at 5:30 you can call it morning and not night, always start out with some sort of intense movement. If hill running isn’t your speed, there are cycling classes, yoga, and less common options like tribal dance. Before you even know you’re awake, your body is moving. The real kicker is that you can’t even rely on your morning espresso. On the grounds there is no caffeine or sugar allowed. It’s all about resetting your body.

The Food & Beverage

Luckily, after the morning movement classes, breakfast is a real treat. The meals are all nutritionist certified, but they are 5-star quality, and not just because you’ll be ravenous by that point. Gluten free, dairy free, and made of food grown on site, you can feel your body changing with every mouthful. And their philosophy of organic, low human intervention preparation aids digestion and balances your hormonal and organ health.

The Daily Drill

After breakfast, guests attend one of a myriad of health seminars led by experts in the field. Though it sounds cheesy, a Hugh Jackman hotel would never make guests sit through any BS. The lecturers are well versed in their field and lead you smart and healthy decision making through humor.

And afterwards, you get to completely chill at one of the best eco spas in the world. You can choose from a selection of familiar hot tone massages and anti aging facials. Or, you can be brave and choose wellness offering such as sound healing and massage, a treatment option where massage incorporates the rhythms of drums.

By the end of the day, you’ll be so exhausted from the early morning, you won’t have the energy to scroll on your phone before your head hits the pillow. And most guests won’t want to. The healthy lifestyle is infectious, and the knowledgable and passionate staff are inspiring. When your caffeine and alcohol withdrawal acts up, the on site nurse is there to provide natural remedies like magnesium. Ultimately, you’ll feel so nurtured that you won’t need your vices.

Should you go?

Hugh Jackman’s hotel is a real wellness retreat.  Its hard-core approach has kept the retreat as one of the best in the world for a reason. Hugh doesn’t hate you, he loves you. And you’ll come to love him even more. . . even if it’s in a sadistic way.

Where other retreats pose as glorified spas, Gwinganna is really about wellness. If you’re serious about resetting this year, you’ll get a lot out of it. Sure, the spa is relaxing, and you may strengthen your cardio on your morning walk — err climb up the hill. But the beauty of this place is that results last. You may even come to realize you don’t need social media or sugar as much as you thought. Now of course if this is too hard core for you,  Hugh isn’t the only celeb to own a wellness retreat.  The point is to find your own health and inner peace this year.

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