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It’s not rocket science to guess one of the most popular new year’s resolutions. After all, that’s not a line for a club at 9 a.m. on New Year’s Day — it’s for a gym. These top celebrity trainers are responsible for the fittest celebrities in the business. Now if we can only all look like J.Lo, and vacation like her too.

The Trainer: David Hirsch

JLo’s ability to remain in practically perfect shape proves she must have one of the top celebrity trainers.  His name is David Hirsch.  His company, Kirsch Wellness, works to connect “mind, body, and spirit.” He has also written several books, including the bestselling The Ultimate New York Body Plan. Whatever he’s doing, it’s working!

The Clients:

One of the most popular parts of JLo’s fitness regimen is the widely circulated 30-minute full-body workout that Hirsch created. The best part about this workout? Just grab a pair of free weights and you can do it all at home! Apart from Jlo, David has also trained Heidi Klum, Kate Upton, Kerry Washington, and Anne Hathaway.

The Trainer: Brian Nguyen

Brian Nguyen has been Mark Wahlberg’s trainer for the past 13 years.  Which makes him one of the more formidable and top celebrity trainers out there. Have you seen Marky-Mark’s abs?  He’s still got it, in his fifties, so Nguyen is doing something right.  Before moving into training for Hollywood, he worked as an Athletic Trainer for The Los Angeles Avengers, a football team.  He is also the owner and founder of BRIK Fitness in Redondo Beach.

The Clients:

Besides working with Wahlberg and The LA Avengers, Nguyen has also coached Mila Kunis, Amy Adams, and Will Ferrell.  He’s also been hired to work as a trainer and coach on sports-centric films, such as The Longest Yard.

The Trainer: Dave Rienzi

Top celebrity trainer Dave Rienzi helps to keep celebrities’ muscles at their highest potential.  Rienzi is a competing bodybuilder and fitness expert. Not only is he Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s personal trainer, but he is also married to The Rock’s ex wife.

The Clients:

You don’t earn a nickname like “The Rock” for nothing.  To see what kind of routines it takes to be at your buffest and where The Rock works out, check out Rienzi’s website. Besides Johnson, Rienzi has worked with Kayvon Webster and Henry Cavill.

The Trainer: Jill Payne

Gisele Bundchen’s trainer Jill Payne is both a top celebrity trainer and a motivational speaker. She is focused on boosting energy to maximize motivation. She is apart of a group of mostly women speakers called “Outspoken Agency.” Her program “Spiritual Athlete” uses movement to put one into their best possible mindset.

The Clients:

While being chosen by Gisele Bundchen speaks for itself, Payne has also been seen in Vogue, Glamour, Elle, and SELF Magazine. She also serves corporate wellness goals, and has brought her talents to companies like PepsiCo and NBC.

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